Cory R Cole

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When Cory R. Cole went to Rutgers University, he got a bachelor's degree in business administration. For the whole of his life, Cory R. Cole has played soccer. Even when he was in college. Cory Cole now lives in Brielle, New Jersey, and he often takes part in physical activities. A lot of times, Cory Cole goes to Cape May in New Jersey. He likes it there because it's fun.

Cory R. Cole likes to do a lot of different things outside, like surfing, snowboarding, and SCUBA diving. Dives and snorkeling are two things I do on a regular basis. For Cory R. Cole, his favorite things to do are to fix up old cars and build homes for people. He likes a lot of different things. For more than a decade, Cory R. Cole has been working on old and crumbling buildings and making them safe again.

  •  3/13/2022 08:31 PM